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Description of Chiefdom board gameWould you like to become a chief who builds the new kingdom? Or maybe you are cartogra

Description of Chiefdom board game

Would you like to become a chief who builds the new kingdom? Or maybe you are cartographer who sent to map new territory, will be drawing your own maps of forests, lakes and more, in the hope that your map will score you the most points.
Armed with your blank map and 3 dices, you’ll be filling in the spaces with Tetris-like shapes of varying terrain.
If you like tactic games – you must download this puzzle game and try it yourself! It is the adaptation of a great roll and write game, where your main task is building new kingdom.
This tabletop game consists of the next items:
– The board includes a 6×13 grid of squares.
– Three varicolored dices on your right may help you decide the future of the gameplay.
– Different types of terrains.
– Different types of workers and resources.
– Advanced rules. If eventually you solve all the basic variants, there are extra advanced cards(with new score conditions) and as you are an experienced chief, you can start it again with more enthusiasm.
The idea of this board game is pretty simple.
Players trying to build up their initially empty Chiefdoms so that they score as many points as possible.
You have the empty field on your screen.
On a turn, one player rolls the 3 dice into the middle of the play area.
Player chooses two dice results and adds them together. That number determines what type of terrain you will place this turn. The third die result determines form of the terrain shape .
Each turn you place lakes and forests tiles on the map, give your men jobs to do such as fishing, woodcutting and building; all must be carefully thought out before being added to your kingdom. Don’t forget to balance your Chiefdom since your men need to be fed and sheltered as well as employed.
You lose points at the end of the tabletop game if you can’t provide for your men in your county.
You will have plenty of terrains and the main task is to create well organized county. Everything will be drawn automatically, unlike it is done when you play a roll and write game.
This offline roll and write game doesn’t need a WIFI connection. You can play offline and this fun tabletop game is suitable for kids. Another cool part is that you can play it for free, completely focusing on the process. You have just 30 moves, so the game is quick enough, and you won’t get bored, just excited. This is a real maze for geeks of different ages and gender. It’s not easy to handle your chiefdom, but as long as there are plenty of meaningful decisions, each step will have consequences. Isn’t it cool?
– Every game is a challenge for those who want to develop their logical thinking
– It’s not a simple time-killer, it’s a classic board game to work out the strategy
– You can have constant competition with the best and the fiercest opponent- yourself
– You can track our results and see your progress
– It’s the mix of gambling and hope when you wait for the right piece of the puzzle and get a variety of different emotions every single time
If you want to feel how young Atilla or Genghis Khan began to make their empires, this 2D kingdom building game is for you.
If you like to think and analyze, it is your choice.
Download this board game for free right now. You can play it from every corner of the world or sitting at home.

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