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Belonging to the family of the traditional Indian game Pachisi, Ludo is an extremely simple board game where four player

Belonging to the family of the traditional Indian game Pachisi, Ludo is an extremely simple board game where four players rely on the numbers resulting from rolling a single dice to move their four colored tokens from the starting house to the final goal.
A history of Ludo
Pachisi, which later gave rise to Ludo – a simpler variant of the game – emerged in India during the 6th century, where it was initially played in Ajanta caves, using walls and floor as a board. Emperor Akbar was a fan of this game and he had a unique way of playing it. Among the many things that the colonial rule of the British Empire took from India and introduced to the United Kingdom, there was this traditional game. After some adaptations, it was officially named Ludo (which in Latin means “I play”), the game was promptly patented in 1896.
Presentation and purpose
The board of Ludo is square and marked by a cross, with each arm of the cross of a different color (red, yellow, green, blue) and, composed of 6 squares, makes the connection between the center (starting point). and the final house (also known as the crown), where each player has to get their 4 pieces, “pawns” or “horses”. The starting point is the center of the board where there is a square, divided into 4 triangles, one of each color and where the game starts. Until then, players focus their pieces on a starting square, next to the box corresponding to their color. The goal of Ludo is, using a dice – in Ludo only one is used – to move each piece clockwise from the starting point to its final square. The winner is the first player to move all of his pieces to the crown. We can say that Ludo is a real race between start and finish, where the dice is the key to luck and bad luck.
How To Play Ludo Castle ZingPlay
1.Each player chooses their color and places their pieces in the starting square (usually marked with the word “start”). The dice rolls to determine who plays first.
2.Each player rolls the dice in turn and to move a piece from the start to the starting point in the center of the board you need to roll a 6, otherwise it does not move out of place and passes to the next player.
3.From there, each player moves his pieces from 1 to 6 places, according to the number thrown in the dice. Each time you cast a 6, you can choose to move a piece from start to the starting point or to move any other pieces already in play. Throwing a 6 also entitles you to an additional roll.
4.If a player’s piece falls into a square where a competing piece is already in place, it is captured and returned to the “start” zone; A piece cannot be used in a house with a piece of the same color.
5.Once completed the course around the entire board, the piece will have to climb the column corresponding to its color to safely reach the final square. To get there, the player needs to throw the exact number of squares separating the piece from the crown – if he can’t, he can use the number to move other pieces or pass his turn.
6.The winner is the player who can carry and group his four pawns in the crown first.
♦ Features of Ludo Castle ZingPlay♦
•Unique and cute characters with various skills to take you to the finish line.
•Various special skills to beat your opponents.
•Unique dice with many options to make it easier for you to win the game.
•Various channels and mode that find what fits you.
•Daily log in – Log in game every day to get free gold and rewards
•Daily quest and Mission – Complete missions & reap rewards
•Chat function – Chat with friends and opponents with cute emojis and voice chat
•Prove your ability in Ludo Castle ZingPlay arena – There are tons of rewards waiting for you.
•Out of gold?! Don’t worry!! Ludo Castle ZingPlay will support free gold for you
•Special event – Join event and win rewards in Ludo ZingPlay event

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